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Ben Jacobs

Ben Jacobs wants to live in a world where code is free from dirt, spaces vs. tabs is irrelevant, and Captain Malcolm Reynolds is his best friend. A business-savvy technologist, he’s worked for Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations. When he’s not programming his umpteenth web application, you can find Ben reading books on leadership or supernatural thrillers, rocking out his dust-laden guitar to a little classic and indie rock, and exploring the world with his beautiful wife and two sons. When his team was undergoing personnel changes, they voted him leader in front of the CEO. Since then, he’s been calling the shots.


One of Ben's favorite quips is "if you have a great idea but you are not able to clearly communicate it, then you do not have a great idea". Ben is able to take great ideas and communicate it through project documentation, flowcharts, and timelines. Documentation, email, and phone calls are not 4-letter words to Ben.

Data Analytics

Analytical professional with 15+ years of experience in generating and analyzing data reports for management. Ben has worked with nearly every database engine and data reporting framework. These include: DB2, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, Google Analytics, Amazon Quicksight, Tableau to name just a few.

Full Stack Developer

A developer at heart, Ben started his career as an intern and was a Sr. Full Stack Dev for over 10 years before transitioning to a strategic management role. He is fluent in: Java Spring, Groovy on Grails, Ruby on Rails, Vue, React, and Angular.

Project Management

Projects need to be on time and on budget nearly 100% of the time. Ben has an uncanny ability to take a complex and complicated project and accurately scope it out into timelines and bight size tasks. There are very few surprises that come up in a project where Ben has not planned for. That comes from his 15+ years of software development background.


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